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Wyoming Internet: Get Great Internet Where You Live

Internet speeds in your area

In Wyoming, the average Internet download speed is 8.1 Mbps. However, some areas of the Cowboy State can see Internet speeds as high as 1024 Mbps. Do you know how fast the Internet speeds in your area are capable of reaching?

What you may not know is that where you live has a lot to do with the type of Wyoming Internet services available to you. If you live in a larger metropolitan area like Cheyenne, Internet service providers will likely offer newer technology and faster speeds. But even smaller towns like Sheridan can have options to fast Internet service. Dial-up, DSL and Satellite Internet are capable of reaching faster speeds than before. Plus, these Internet providers offer the broadest coverage.

Highest Internet Speed in Wyoming

1024.0 Mbps

Wyoming Average Internet Speed

8.1 Mbps

Get the best price on Wyoming Internet

The average price for Wyoming Internet service is $51.34. However, the price of your Internet could vary depending on the type of Internet service you choose. That’s because Internet prices are scaled based on speed and technology. If you choose an Internet plan with faster speeds and top-of-the-line technology, your Internet bill will be higher than someone who opts for slower speeds and older technology.

If you’re still not sure what speeds and technology are right for you, we can help you find an affordable plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. We’ve got Internet deals on some of the fastest high-speed Internet providers in Wyoming!

Wyoming Average Internet Service Price

$51.34 /mo

Wyoming Highest Internet Service Price

$109.99 /mo


Wyoming Internet service providers

There are approximately 39 choices for Wyoming Internet service. Satellite, DSL and dial-up are some of the more common providers because they offer the broadest coverage. Dial-up and DSL Internet service uses the customer’s existing phone line infrastructure. On the other hand satellite Internet providers just need a clear view of the southern sky. These services are especially popular in more rural areas or small towns.

In larger cities like Casper, Internet services from cable or fiber-optic technology are popular options. Essentially, the more Wyoming Internet service providers you have, the better. More providers mean that you’ll have more competitive prices. Call today to see what Wyoming Internet deals are available in your area.

Wyoming Average Internet Speed

8.1 Mbps

National Average Internet Speed

41.7 Mbps

Compare Wyoming Internet service providers

The average national Internet download speed is 41.7 Mbps. Wyoming, on the other hand, sees an average Internet download speed of 8.1 Mbps. However, some areas of Wyoming have better access to faster service and may see speeds much higher than the national download speed. To find out how fast Internet is near you, or to compare Wyoming Internet providers, search using your ZIP code above. Our search results give you a real-time comparison of Wyoming Internet speeds and providers. Search or call now for the best Internet deals for your home and budget.

Internet Service Availability in Wyoming

  • DSL: Available to 41%
  • Dial-up: Available to 100%
  • Broadband: Available to 0%
  • Wireless: Available to 1%

Types of Internet service in Wyoming

Because of the roughly 39 Internet providers currently serving Wyoming, you’ll likely have a choice between at least two different technologies. So, what type of Internet technology should you choose? That mostly depends on what’s available in your area, as well as your online habits.

Knowing what you plan to do with your Internet service can help you choose the right plan and technology to fit your lifestyle. Do you stream a lot of movies, play games online or download files frequently? Or are you a light Internet user, just browsing the web and checking email? Call now to find out what Wyoming Internet service is available to you, and which plan would fit your needs best.

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